you've got mail

all the way from cebu
when i was a little girl, i made my papa play The Sound of Music on our Betamax player EVERY NIGHT. i would only agree to go to bed after the "So Long, Farewell" song had been played. the song about snowflakes, woolen mittens, copper kettles and crispy streudels didn't relate too well with my own list of favorite things (tropical country, hello!), except for one thing. (oops, two, counting the kittens.)

it's too bad that no one uses brown paper and string for parcels anymore, but even so, the thrill of getting packages (or any mail that isn't phone or credit card bills) remains unchanged.

besides, bubble wrap is addictive
today i got my package from khymm! 88 eyeshadow colors, plus some samples from missha and some other korean company i'm not familiar with (looks like a lemon).

it's just like a giant watercolor paint set!
my head swam a little over the sheer number of colors. it's a little intimidating, given my lack of knowledge on how to combine eyeshadows to create a look that isn't clown-like. so i'm back to studying xteeener's youtube tutorials.

it comes with a mirror and two applicators
 i'll work on doing an EOTD soon! in the meantime, this was my (apparently unfinished) look yesterday. i've just figured out how to do a cat's eye (horribly difficult with the dipping-stick-type liquid eyeliner applicator) but didn't realize the need for eyeshadow until i saw this picture. ehe, fail.

someone please do hair tutorials!
i look like the bride of frankenstein. :(


suzanna26 said...

den, love the picture.
where and how did you do your eyebrows?

isea said...

haha, i actually think i look scary here. i just kinda got addicted to plucking my brows and tried to shape them properly. better to have them threaded at the parlor though, then maintain na lang yourself.

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