healthy sunning

remember that Baz Luhrmann song "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)"? we've all quite taken it to heart, with the growing number of sunscreen variants and makeup with SPF. but did you know that you need some exposure to get a healthy dose of vitamin D? here are some interesting and informative diagrams i found in my Lifehacker feed today.

i decided to google for the optimal time for sun exposure and it seems that there's a bigger story afloat. a study submitted to the National Institutes of Health (USA) says that the hot noon sun may actually be the best time for exposure, because the shorter wavelengths are less likely to cause cutaneous malignant melanoma (CMM). there were claims that the American Medical Association even recommends exposure WITHOUT sunscreen, but i couldn't find any supporting evidence for that. meanwhile, an article published in the New York Times two years ago tried to address an environmental group's concerns about certain sunscreen products causing more harm than good.

whew! and i didn't even include all the stuff i found.

i have been feeling lethargic lately, perhaps from a combination of insomnia and waking up late. considering how blisteringly hot the noon sun in this country gets, i'm more inclined to get vitamin D supplements (or a multivitamin with something close to the recommended dose) than to endure the heat. and yes, i'm going to put on some sunscreen.


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