future furniture planning

long weekend, yay! i finally got to visit my dentist (and have my brackets replaced) this morning. i'm sporting silver-colored bands which are less obvious and won't turn noticeably yellow, if at all. i really should go more regularly but her home clinic in pateros is not easy to get to.

just relaxing at home now, surfing the net and watching the PCCL games on tv (i'm rooting for those falcons!). i somehow ended up at the smart parenting website and my home-decorating itch started up all over again. how could i not with these beautiful, multi-functional pieces?

photo from the SP website

this is the LEM round table from Dimensione. i'm not a fan of coffee tables so i loved that the height is adjustable. this would be perfect as a poker table for small (not-always-so-friendly) house games.

photo from the SP website
when my boyfriend C and i are both in the kitchen, we can never have too much workspace! (i'm a neat freak with claustrophobia.) we were thinking of having something like this custom-made, but with a bigger table area. i like that this has a drawer, two racks and a bottom shelf built in already. strangely, i can't find it on the Dimensione website.

photo from dimensione
because we all need full-length mirrors and this has a sleek, modern look.

photo from dimensione

like most people, i work on a laptop but it's still a good idea to have a work table (especially if you're a guy). the Stella working table looks like it was designed for a desktop (notice the little "shelf" on the right) and i prefer workstations with drawers but this is a good option. mostly, my heart still belongs to the small wooden folding desk i saw at muji.
photo from muji
isn't it pretty? also good for tv dinners. ;)

now, i just need to find a house to put these pieces in, and the moolah to buy all of it.


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