no, really?

i enjoy reading online: it's click after click of all the information you want (but not ever actually need). i'm just a wannabe techie-geek but i recently taught a friend a few tricks for using the google chrome browser. among all the cool extensions to make web surfing easier, i'm particularly fond of the ones i use to manage the many blogs i follow. considering how sporadic blogging can be (particularly my own), here's a better way to checking blogs for updates:

first, an RSS subscription extension lets me know when RSS feeds are available for the site i want to follow. when it appears on the address window, i can just click on it to subscribe to the feed using my google reader account.

now, instead of reading my subscriptions from google reader's rather drab layout, i installed the feedly extension to showcase the blogs in magazine-like fashion. it loads up faster than feed squares (another rss feed reader) and i have less navigational problems with my tiny hp laptop that can't accommodate big display screens. plus, all i need to click is a pretty green button on my tool bar. :)

so, guess what i found in my reader today?

this is a screen cap!
i can hardly believe it. i've never won anything before, so please excuse the giddiness. :D many, many thanks to khymm of shopcoholic. i promised to provide reviews and a few attempts at EOTDs (eyes of the day) once i get the hang of eyeshadow blending.

i'm so excited!!!


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