put some vodka on it!

disclaimer: this post is NOT dedicated to a certain vodka-tonic-loving friend of mine who blogs for this website. though it may prove beneficial to her just the same.

besides beauty blogs, i like reading home improvement/DIY blogs. my ultimate favorite in this category is definitely Karen's The Art of Doing Stuff (Canada). she does crazy stuff i can relate to (like cementing her own backyard) because you (and i mean, i) just can't expect a non-OC person to do a job right.

i started taking interest in home stuff because i am currently stuck staying at my own little studio apartment, which i (try to) keep fanatically clean on account of my allergies. not too long after i moved in, i discovered that my place is perennially damp: it gets no sunshine, can't be aired because there are no window screens, and has actually been flooded four times in the 8 months i've had it. thankfully, none of my things have been affected by the flooding. BUT! i have an even bigger problem: molds! <insert freaked out smiley here>

think they look pretty? guess again
for weeks, i was puzzled by the funky smell i came home to every evening, and i tried to remedy the problem by spraying lemon-scented lysol. it kinda worked but had to be reapplied by the next evening. i decided to do a more thorough cleanup, and discovered some white fuzzy things growing on some of my bags. <insert 3 horrified smileys here> 

i put lysol on it but the molds returned after a while. it soon spread to my shoes (including the new black satin slingbacks i'd just gotten), and "perfumed" my clothes with their month-old bread smell. :( obviously, i needed to find a permanent solution, short of moving to a different apartment (which i'm planning to do soon).

enter: the internet and the 12 best household uses for vodka.

vodka: not just for mixing martinis.
i got a spritzer and a bottle of cheap vodka from the grocery, and sprayed away. my apartment smells clean, the molds are gone, and weeks later, they still haven't come back. :D but please, use CHEAP vodka.

this is too pretty to use as a mold killer. save this one for the bar.
apparently, vodka is also good for making hair shiny and soothing toothaches. most importantly, it saved me from a recent ant invasion.

when i got home after learning that i'd won khymm's giveaway, i found some ants had made their home in my makeup box! they'd brought in their eggs in an effort, i suppose, to find shelter from the rain. naturally i wasn't thrilled to have my collection infiltrated by bugs but i didn't want to use bug spray on my makeup! so i took my vodka spritzer and let loose.

it worked. :) well, i still had to throw out some compacts (good bye, lauder lip palette!) but i didn't feel as bad, knowing that i'd soon receive a goody package from cebu. but i'd better buy another bottle of vodka soon.

considering how awesome a cleaning agent vodka is, ever wonder what it does to your body when you drink it?


Anonymous said...

I've had my own fair share of molds when i was living at my first place. inhaling molds are bad for your health, den. its also good to wash all clothes in hot water. Thats what I learned. Ever since I moved to my new place, I HAD to wash all my clothes in hot water. There was a leak in the flooring of my room at that time, and I didn't clean it up on time and it pretty much got us intoxicated. hence why we had to move. the mold was soo bad. even bleach didn't work. Well, I'm hoping there's no smell in your place anymore. How did your place flood btw?

isea said...

i know! i kept complaining to my landlord but they couldn't seem to get to all the leaks, so i'm moving out by december. i use a laundry service naman so my clothes are exposed to the heat of the drier. i try to be meticulous about keeping my apartment clean but the molds still get me, even with all the dehumidifiers i keep buying. :(

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