contest alert: phoebe's sweet november giveaways

wow, it's been one contest after the other in the beauty blog world! i'm not complaining, of course; i still have my fingers crossed in the hopes of winning something. :)

the latest fairy godmother of prettifying goodies is phoebe, the blogger who actually convinced me to try skinfood's salmon corrector because of this post. she also provided links to other reviews so i felt i was making a very informed purchasing decision! as it turns out, i can no longer leave my apartment without dabbing a bit on.

goodie bag #5: shampoo & conditioner set for oily hair from The Body Shop + hand cream from Mineral Flowers + Charm kabuki brush + apple Lip Ice
it doesn't have as much "oomph" as the other giveaways (you should see the gorgeous Pond's Gold Radiance set) but i would really like to win this set because:
  1. i've been trying to find care products for oily hair for my bf. scalp acne is a bitch, and i've made him try everything from j&j's baby shampoo to L'oreal Elseve Nutri-gloss. i'm this close to making him try this weird-smelling hair regrowth shampoo that supposedly works but leaves hair feeling coarse and sticky;
  2. my mother saw my Ecotools brushes and wants a similarly soft kabuki brush that won't shed. 
here's to hoping i can make some loved ones extra happy. :)


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