review: human nature love minerals

Love Minerals collection: foundation, two blushes and sheer lip balm
i've been trying out some of the goodies i received from lizz's contest, but i gave most of them to my mom. the foundation cake shattered in two though, so i tried to "fix" it with some alcohol, as suggested by some bloggers.

see how it's kinda messed up?
 following the instructions on this blog, i place a few drops of alcohol along the crack. i use a clean popsicle stick to lightly rub the edges together and press the powder down. et, voilà!

ahihi, still messy but at least it's less likely to scatter powder bits in your kikay kit
if it weren't for easier portability (and the desire to keep the heart shape), i would have just crushed the whole thing and placed it in a sifter. some people suggest crushing the compact finely then setting it back in the pan with alcohol, but i didn't want to add THAT MUCH alcohol to the product. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that it won't have much effect on the powder.

i kept the Petal Bloom blush and Island Kiss sheer lip balm to try out (and replace my recently depleted ChapStick). while repairing the foundation, i quickly noticed that it smelled... funny. not in a bad sort of way, just not the kind of smell you'd expect from powder. the blush was the same way but it doesn't linger once it's on your face. i used my Ecotools mineral powder brush (from the 5-piece set) as a blusher.

i thought the color would be more on the pink side but it feels more like a slight tan. i actually like that the powder isn't too pigmented so i can build color as i go. as for the lip balm, i was a little afraid to use it because it smelled exactly like something from Burt's Bees and uses beeswax as a base. i used to love their lip balm and its pretty yellow tin, but then my sister and i both developed allergies to it. i decided to give it a try anyway; i always keep antihistamine in my purse.

the sleepyhead on the couch is my boyfriend
fortunately the lip balm didn't make me break out. it glides on lightly, isn't sticky, and leaves a nice tinge of color and sheen. the boyfriend says it gives color to my face and makes me look more alive (i have a tendency to look pale). yep, it's definitely a keeper (both the boy and the balm).

coming up next: the Tony Moly Tokyo Cherry Blossom facial foam


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