contest alert: emerald sparkled's giveaway

gorgeous! i particularly love the gold ones.
it's only recently that i realized how blogging connects people from all over the world. i've followed blogs by folks from other countries before, but like most readers, i didn't really get to interact with the writers. i'm not really the type to go about commenting on every post but i haven't missed reading any since i started using google reader.

anyhoo, some blog-hopping led me to Deniz's Emerald Sparkled blog. i wonder if my name is like the french version of hers? she's the first person i (sorta) know from Turkey, which i think is pretty awesome. i'd always liked the idea of having friends from other cultures, only to realize we aren't that much different after all. :) <let's all join hands and sing "it's a small world after all", lol>

ahem. well, her blog just turned a year old but she already has 1,000 followers. to celebrate, she is giving away 2 nail polish sets and a nail art plate. i'm particularly eyeing the China Glaze Holiday collection, with its luxuriant gold-toned shades. i looked around the web and the brand seems available only from online sellers. none of them seem to have the holiday collection though. :(

a LOT of people have joined this contest, but what the hey? i'm giving it a shot, and you should too. see contest details here. entries will be accepted until 15 november, then good luck to us. :)


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