wear do you work?

i was traipsing around makati this morning, where i had an interview with some nice ladies at the lepanto building. because the traffic has swelled horrendously since december arrived, i slept over at my folks' and took a short jeepney ride to paseo de roxas. no biggie, except i was wearing something that hugged all my curves, even in the wrong places. :p

no, i refuse to post a full body photo. this alone is incriminating enough.

disclaimers: i have never used a butcher's knife in my life. not because i'm scared to but because i have my bf do the dirty work for me (ie, chopping up crispy pata into dainty, bite-sized bits). also, the belt was pilfered from my sister's closet.


Aurora's Nails said...

Haaa good idea making your bf do the nasty stuff. But you look cute! I like that outfit!

isea said...

hi aurora! thanks for dropping by and adding me on GFC. :) yes, thank god for bfs who know their way around the kitchen!

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