umm, that's not me.
when asked about my height, i prefer to dodge specifics and simply reply that i'm "cute-sized". even now, i'm often mistaken for a high school kid and i expect to look in my 20s by the time i hit 40 (but that's mostly due to good genes, my aversion to sun exposure, and a ton of moisturizer). i don't mind; it's actually kind of flattering sometimes, particularly when my much younger sister was asked where she was working and what course she'd taken in college while she was in high school.

what DOES bother me (and makes my blood boil) is when people almost literally size me up and decide that i'm too young or inexperienced or incapable of doing something just because i'm tiny. unless i'm trying to become a circus giant, size shouldn't and doesn't matter. besides, i'm like a multi-tool: multifunctional AND portable!

i guess this is why i'm immediately drawn to the Lenovo IdeaPad U160. it's unimposing with an 11.6" display, barely there 2.75 lbs and playfully designed exterior. you can almost mistake it for a slim purse, until its specs blow you away: Intel Core i5-470UM processor, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HM55 HD and 500GB hard drive for the 08945KU model, which i'm eyeing. in red, of course!

the tag says: beneath that thin, sleek exterior awaits a speedy, powerful mini-entertainment machine. i really love the "speedy" part; god knows i have the patience of a three-year old, and it sucks when you want to work faster than your laptop can keep up with. and a "powerful" system is necessary for a multitasker like me.

looks can be deceiving, and it seems that this baby delivers beyond expectations. after all, good great things come in small packages. ahem! this is my official entry to Pinoy Tech Blog's Great Laptop Giveaway, the details of which you can find here.


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