10 fun things to do with a lenovo laptop

10 do "fun work" (ie, facebook and blog-hopping)

9 update my blog (which you've been "forced" to visit because of this contest, thanks!)
8 store and photo-edit the vanity shots i take using my bf's phone camera (he doesn't get FOTDs and i bet neither do you)

7 play PVZ (still addicted, even after the platinum trophy, cos the Endless levels are awesome)

6 keep in touch with long-distance friendships via email and YM

5 organize all my media (even though they may never quite make it to my Zune)

4 find new recipes on the internet then file them in OneNote

3 do "real work" (the earning part is fun, at least)

2 look "sosyal" while sipping coffee at starbucks

1 read the YugaTech blog for the hottest gadgets i want/need/hope to afford

this is, of course, assuming i win the Lenovo-YugaTech Laptop Giveaway. :)

disclaimer: all photos sourced from the internet using Google Images.


Marie a la Mode said...

Your post makes me realize that I am so behind on technology these days!

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