contest alert: christmas goodies from skysenshi and click & make up!

i find it so difficult to believe that christmas (and the new year!) is just around the corner. tempus fugit, time flies. 2010 has definitely been an exciting year for me: moving out, living on my own, exploring the metropolis with my bf, rediscovering the blog world, and being the lucky recipient of some pretty cool giveaways, including this little beauty here:

Missha BB cream and the lip palette i was lusting for!
i'm looking forward to continuously improving myself, physically and career-wise, come 2011 so i'm hoping that this treat of a planner will help keep me in track and on the move. :)

the BDJ 2011: the cover sure looks familiar...

like so?
Bea, the Skysenshi, is giving away a Belle de Jour planner and a Navi planner to two fortunate souls who will then have to waive all rights to making excuses for forgotten birthdays and running late to appointments. seems like a good deal to me (i'm a sucker for the coupons alone), so if you feel like joining, head over to this link for details.

meanwhile, Kat of Click and Make Up is having another giveaway: the Urban Decay Book of Shadows, Vol. III! that was cool enough by itself but look, the palette lights up!

i love NYC!
as ever, the palette has a whimsical design involving skyscraper pop-ups and lights from the city that never sleeps. i visited New York when i was 11 and even after i did the whole themepark thing in Orlando, NY is still my most favorite. back to the palette, i really like the bright blue eyeshadow (Radium) at the bottom left. glad it comes with a primer; i'm not confident about foiling and i'd love to try the much-raved about UD Primer Potion. hop over to her site for details.


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