review: skinfood salmon dark circle concealer cream

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since childhood, i've had the very bad habit of rubbing my eyes when they feel itchy or irritated. i don't do it as much anymore because i wear contacts but when i take them off at night, i launch into an eye-rubbing frenzy. i read somewhere that this nasty little habit of mine can lead to broken capillaries (tiny blood vessels surrounding your eyes) and causes the area to look bruised.

my under-eye circles have become even more pronounced lately because of my allergies. it's just my luck that my apartment is also home to all sorts of dust-bunnies (despite frequent cleaning! sob) and mold (it gets very damp and sunlight never gets in). after being kept up at night by coughing fits, i wake up to blue half-moons that make me look like a raccoon's cousin.

too bad my somewhat pasty-faced complexion doesn't allow it to look like purposely smudged liner. i was borderline anorexic for a while.

ack, how embarrassing. this was from the days before i discovered makeup. o_o 
in desperation, i asked my makeup artist friend carmie to let me in on her concealer secrets and she recommended bobbi brown's correctors. i went and read up reviews on it (just to get an idea of how much it costs) and couldn't quite stomach the hefty price tag (about PhP1,250) since i'm only just learning how to play with use makeup. so i put my research skills to good use and found a post recommending this alternative:

it's so pretty!!!
many local beauty bloggers have apparently been RAVING about this product so i decided to try it out before i get my (inexperienced) fingers on more serious products. thanks to ebay seller sun kim (also liz b.'s suki) and my bf's encouragement, i finally got my very own gorgeous pot of concealer goodness. and, know what the best part is? it was only PhP471. <insert silly happy smilies here>

i decided to get the skinfood salmon brightening eye serum as well (PhP89 for 3 trial packs) on nikki's recommendation to first apply eye cream and help prevent the product from settling into fine lines (oh no, i have some already!). i just finished the first pack and will post a separate review soon.

meanwhile, i'm pretty thrilled about how well the concealer is working out for me!

considering how poorly lit this photo is, my circles aren't so obvious anymore! ^o^
i find it best to apply the concealer using my ring finger and patting lightly as opposed to using a concealer brush. then depending on how sipag i am (and how much time i have), i add a bit of maybelline perfect concealer in natural beige or go straight to setting it with ellana foundation in chai latte. :)


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