how to: make the perfect potato chips

photo from allcreatures.org
from fugly to yummy
there are two secrets to creating the perfect potato chip. first, the oil should be scalding hot. as in, third-degree-burns hot.

second, you'll need one of these:

kyocera mandolin with adjustable ceramic blade

you DO NOT want to have to slice paper-thin chips by hand. seriously. there are better, more interesting things to do than slicing potatoes.

make it easy on yourself
tadaah! no sweat!
your oil is ready when you (carefully and from a distance) flick some water into it and it bubbles angrily in reply. if, like me, you're too scared to place the chips in by hand, use a pair of thongs or a slotted spoon. DO NOT put too many in!

okay, i put too many in.
while your chips are being turned into crispy golden perfection, prepare an oil well by lining a bowl with a good number of paper napkins. if you have a large metal sieve, that would be a better option, but line your serving dish with napkins as well. 

do not leave your chips unattended for too long! since cooking time varies, you have to keep a lookout for when they start to brown. pull them out quickly and place into your oil well or sieve to drain.

these were yummy enough to forego salt but feel free to add whatever flavorings you want. serve to the folks downstairs who've come over to play rockband. you can now sit down and join the fun. :)


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