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when i was a little girl, we lived in a condo that had a salon on the first floor. naturally, my mom was a regular customer and i would accompany her while she got her beauty fix for the week. what fascinated me most about this strange, adult beautification process was the nail painting. mother must have had at least 4 different shades of red nail polish (her favorite, even today) but the parlor's collection had every color of the rainbow, plus all the variations in between! for a little girl who loved collecting coloring books, i figured it was girly adult heaven.

since i studied in a convent school that emphasized simplicity, i didn't get to paint my nails until the summer before high school. i would put on my very first polish, a bottle of pretty blue glitters, on friday night then take them off again before school started on monday. it soon became a tiring routine so i mostly stuck to perfectly shaped long nails, buffed into perfection with the buffer from The Body Shop.

these days, i prefer short nails painted either black or dark red. i haven't gotten the chance to try this nail art thing (mostly because i never sit still long enough for my nails to dry properly) but i'd love to get my hands on these:

want it, too? go over to Kond-licious for details on how to enter! :)


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