i'm not really big on making new year resolutions and to-do lists seem more compelling, anyway. so far, mine includes getting myself a better moisturizer with spf (the weather's been so chilly that my skin's flaking like crazy) and updating/upgrading my wardrobe. there are more pressing and "serious" items on the list but let's keep the mood light, shall we? :)

2010 witnessed my first foray into the beauty world, as i stared and stared and finally bid for the much-adored Ecotools 5-brush set on ebay. i don't remember why i wanted them so badly, given that i was a cosmetic ignoramus at that point. i was only beginning to read Kikay Exchange, which i stumbled upon somehow and Jill's posts encouraged me to think of makeup as wearable art instead of the annoying goop my mom would make me wear for school presentations.

i soon found myself with a lovely set of brushes, some mineral makeup samples and a ton of Xteeener videos from youtube. many months later, i became an avid follower of several beauty blogs, the proud if somewhat still clueless owner of some basic makeup products, and the sort of girl who couldn't leave her apartment with a completely bare face. thankfully, those art classes in school paid off enough to merit compliments from the boyfriend. :) BUT. i'm not a makeup addict. yet. that may change when i can afford to buy more stuff, hehe!

just wanted to say "thank you" to the beauty bloggers who have taken the pains to explain the difference between a corrector and a concealer, give detailed instructions (complete with step by step photos and diagrams!) for makeup looks, and especially for braving product testing, despite the risk of breakouts and other unpleasantries that we readers no longer have to worry about (as long as we read their reviews first, hehe)

salute! Jill, Nikki, Phoebe, Khymm, Shen, Lizz, LizEarth and Bea :)

ps. would really appreciate it if you could follow me! :)

(i follow some international blogs, too, but the local ones are really the blogs i first started reading)


Askmewhats said...

awww thank you so much for the shoutout! :) You know what? Same with you, I started by reading other people's blogs too and get inspired :D

isea said...

yay! thanks, nikki! :D

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